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Satisfying Customers for 25 Years

Over the past 25 years, Everything Clean Janitorial has worked to provide the most thorough and professional cleaning services, and we have gained a number of satisfied customers. Read some of our clients’ positive reviews about us here.

Reliable and Honest

I have known Dennis for approximately 8 years during which time his company has been responsible for the janitorial service here. During this time frame he has carried out his duties in a very professional and efficient manner and any concerns brought to his attention were attended to immediately. Many of the offices within this building deal with very sensitive material and Dennis has been given authority to enter several of these offices for cleaning even during times when all personnel may be away as he is regarded as being very trustworthy and discreet in every way. I do not hesitate in recommending “Everything Clean Janitorial Service” as a reliable and honest company to do business with.


Myrna Meyer
Upper F.V. Reg. Detachment H.Q.s

Trg. Co-Ord/Fin. Clerk

From February 6th letter


All aspects of the services to the building have been exceptional with a high standard of cleanliness. Denis has not missed any days of service. The facility is clean and well maintained.


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